With AdSigner, your marketing activities become global and environmentally sustainable

2 min readApr 15, 2021


Promote your business online with AdSigner. Help protect the environment, save time and money and become more effective. Photo: iStock

AdSigner is a perfect solution and an essential communication strategy support for all companies, organizations, and professionals who want to take full advantage of digital marketing on a whole new level. AdSigner is a simple yet powerful transformation of an ordinary email to a new, cost-efficient marketing channel.

Professionals — Gain a smart-looking email signature! AdSigner allows you to make a great first impression, matching your personality and your unique ideas.

Universities — AdSigner helps to promote your programmes, expose outstanding research projects, raise funds, promote your academic achievements with scientific papers published in top journals, finding new ways to communicate with your students with reviews embodied in your email signature, upcoming events, conferences, etc.

Retailers — AdSigner is a perfect tool to promote all your goods and services in your day-to-day communication with your customers to up-sell, cross-sell and boost brand awareness.

Great ideas on how to use Adsigner in a new way:

With AdSigner you can easily:

  • reinforce internal & external sales communication;
  • let your external and internal communication be up-to-date with your news promotion activities;
  • set up unique ad campaigns for the whole company, single department or one person;
  • create highly professional email signatures;
  • provide your audience with targeted ad banner content daily for free;
  • manage, track and plan all your online ad campaigns from a single marketing tool and grow your business;

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Turn your ordinary emails into an extraordinary marketing tool and take your business to a new level.