Online drugstore use case: Grow sales of your online and offline store

3 min readOct 8, 2020
A well-thought-out advertising banner in an e-mail signature can have a positive impact on the purchase experience and sales result. Photo: iStock

Nowadays as we see that online shopping is becoming a growing trend, it is crucial to have a strategy for a quality digital purchase path experience. In addition to a transparent order, simple and safe purchase, remarketing technology and online customer service are also paramount. The latter can be significantly upgraded with the AdSigner service to make customers proceed with their purchase, come back soon and buy more.

The case of an online drugstore shows that a well-thought-out advertising banner in an e-mail signature can have a positive impact on the purchase experience and sales result. Because banners are automatically changed, advertising opportunities and successful conversions only multiply in the long run.

  1. From a discount code to making a larger purchase

The online store provides visitors with a 10% discount code, which they receive in their e-mailbox. These kind of e-mail messages are not usually overlooked by potential buyers. Right after the code, an advertising banner is included in the e-mail signature promoting the most recent offer, based on seasonality. In summer, the offer includes sun protection products and insect repellents. In spring time, allergy relief products. In winter, a collection of skin protection products against the cold; in autumn products supporting the immune system are promoted. The combination of a discount and current offers is a perfect formula, which encourages also many of those who have come to visit the website only briefly, without a serious intention of buying anything, to make a purchase.

2. Support assisting the customers and enabling spontaneous sales at the same time

A customer seeks some additional information on the pain relief product before placing an order at the online pharmacy. The contact e-mail is clearly visible on the website, so the customer seeks support by e-mail. Since the customer is expecting a response back from the consultant, he/she reads it through to the end and right after the e-mail signature notices an advertising banner on discounted products of premium nutritional supplements. The customer clicks on the banner to directly open the special offer and makes a quick and simple decision to also add the vitamins, which were not on the initial shopping list, to the shopping cart. This way, one advertising banner is an important step to:

  • increase the sale (up-sell);
  • promote customers’ awareness of (additional) offers of the online store (cross sell);
  • mutually promote products of selected brands (cobranding)
  • consolidate relationships with external business partners (business partnership).
Advertising banner is an important step to promote customers’ awareness of (additional) offers of the online store. Photo: AdSigner

3. Ordinary e-mails that bring customers to the offline store

After placing an order at the online drug store, each customer will receive an e-mail confirmation. Since it contains a list of all the products ordered, the customers usually read it to the end. Then they spontaneously notice a banner in the e-mail signature containing an exclusive invitation to attend a birthday party at the drug store high street location celebrating the anniversary of the shop. Through the advertising banner in the e-mail signature, every customer also receives a promotional code for a 25% discount for an offline purchase in store and a free slice of delicious cake on the day of the celebration. On this particular day, the drugstore was very busy, and the celebration was a great success. Because a good reputation spreads far and wide, online sales have also increased since some customers, upon placing an order, were encouraged by the fact they also received a coupon for the cake and the large festive discount celebrating the anniversary of the store.

Your online and over-the-counter store can also both grow through well-designed and positioned e-mail advertising banners.

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