Good to know about the monthly subscription to the AdSigner service

How much do you pay for telecommunication services every month? And for the fuel for your car? What about for the manager of the building you live or work in?

There are some costs that we think about carefully, and then there are those that we have accepted as inevitable, since they are impossible to live without. There are costs that are well worth it, and there are those that are grossly overpriced. Nevertheless, we often give up on the former at the expense of the latter.

In this, our business is no different to our home life. However, there is another key factor to consider: the impact of the cost on the business results. There are costs that simply must exist, since we cannot build our business without them. Then there are those costs that make the business, pay for themselves, and bring the company so much more than the initial investment. AdSigner belongs in that category.

After the end of the trial period, AdSigner users often want to continue using the free package. But they soon discover that this package is insufficient, since their advertising result in the first 2 weeks was outstanding, exceeding the number of displays that are possible with the free package. This happens because AdSigner actually works, displaying the advertising banner with each e-mail sent. This enables the advertising banner to be seen, which contributes to the long-term building of the brand (branding) in the consciousness of all e-mail recipients, thus reinforcing or, even better, upgrading professional cooperations. The degree of loyalty and sales increase and the business results inevitably improve. A monthly subscription to AdSigner is therefore an investment that will definitely pay off in the long run. Many times over.

Proportionally speaking, the monthly cost of AdSigner per user equals the cost of a monthly subscription to a telecommunications service paid by natural users — nowadays basically a self-evident cost. The final amount of the monthly subscription to AdSigner depends on the number of active e-mail signatures. In addition to generating e-mail signatures for all employees of the company, it also includes hosting for all images, recording the analysis of displays and clicks, and the use of a one-stop-source application allowing you to manage all the signatures and advertising campaigns. At the same time, the contribution of every subscriber enables our selected programmers and AdSigner service designers to constantly update and maintain the highest degree of quality, comparable to the services offered by similar providers.

Therefore, we would like to express our sincere thanks to each and every user for their trust, and to each and every subscriber for their support and for allowing our ideas and knowledge to reinforce the strength of your business communication and the success of your business results.



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