Employment agency use case: More successful employee recruitment

Personnel consultancy, screening and recruitment, provision of the labour force, testing, international mobility, redeployment, payroll calculation.

An employment agency must carry out a huge amount of discussions, arrangements and coordination tasks to provide the most appropriate seasonal or permanent personnel. With existing and new clients. With directors, heads of various departments, recruiters, job seekers.

In the process of day-to-day business e-communication with their clients, the agency can use an advertising banner in the e-mail signature to spontaneously provide the most current offer to their recipients. New clients are presented with a comprehensive offer and the existing clients are offered additional services, while all of them always acknowledge the information on the newest highly qualified personnel with specific knowledge who are usually available only for a short time.

Here are some examples of how any employment agency can use e-mail communication to spontaneously sell, upsell and cross-sell its HR services.

UPSELL in coordinating new business cooperation with CEO

The phase of signing a contract with a new company usually takes more time and requires many e-mail messages to be exchanged and submitted. During this process, a large number of advertising banners are presented in the e-mail signature of the employment agency which communicates various agency services and current news.

In this way, the head of the HR department in a partner company, while opening the attached contractual documentation, notices an advertisement on support in redeployment. It draws his/her attention since the company is in the process of reorganising jobs, and the external assistance will soon be welcomed.

The following day, the CEO of the same company, upon the receipt of the final contract for reviewing, sees an advertisement on a promising candidate who has just become available and who has been on the company’s wish list for some time. The decision is made and the signing of the contract is quickly upgraded with the first recruitment of a new employee through the employment agency.

A win-win situation where both sides are more than satisfied.

CROSS-SELLING in screening and recruiting new labour force

Shortly after signing the contract, the client’s HR department contacts the employment agency regarding its first major labour procurement. The company prepares a list of jobs which will require reinforcement in the near future.

Two hundred candidates have filed their applications for the respective jobs and the agency will select 50 of them who will actually attend the interview. For five days in a row, the agency sends reports on conducted interviews to the client by e-mail. In the phase of making the final decision, the client uses e-mail communication as a means for selecting the candidates. In one of e-mail messages, the head of the client’s HR department notices the banner advertising psychological selection tests. Three jobs are of a specific nature and the client makes a decision based on the advertisement that candidates will also perform tests for categorising individual skills, personal characteristics, interests and views in the last round of recruitment. In addition to screening and recruitment, the agency also performs an additional service of psychological testing and earns more. Due to the tests performed with new employees, the client is even more satisfied.

Advertising banners in e-mail signatures set by the AdSigner service provided a successful start, strengthened business cooperation, confirmed a good choice of a business partner and helped the agency to carry out spontaneous upsell and cross-sell of services.

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