Creative Agency use case: The easiest B2B and B2C up-sell of services

3 min readNov 16, 2020
Creative designers designing and discussing user experience of new app. Photo:iStock.

A creative agency communicates tremendously. It coordinates creative materials, communication strategies, short-term and long-term projects with clients. It outsources the supply of finished products and services. All communication takes place in writing, as tracking changes according to the wishes of the client is key to a successful project and good business relationships. It is based on e-mail, and each e-mail exchanged represents a new sales opportunity.

How? Let’s take a look at some examples where banner ads attached to the e-mail signatures of all employees make sure that the entire team becomes sales-oriented, including the creative strategist, designers, copywriters and even programmers. With no effort or time at all. AdSigner allows them higher sales performance than ever before.

1. UP-SELL: SEO optimization in addition to graphic redesign of the website

The company turns to the creative agency to redesign the website. In the phase of coordinating the offer, the client sees the advertising banner in the e-mail signature of the agency’s project manager. There are only two sentences there that convince and sell: “Be among the first to be noticed! Ensure the flawless SEO of your website.” Besides the new graphic website image, the client also opts for a on-site and off-site optimization. In addition to graphic design and programming, this also means additional work for a copywriter and communication strategist. The agency spontaneously sells an additional service that will be performed during the renovation of the website and will thus be more financially advantageous for the client. The client will pay more than originally planned, but this change means better positioning of the client’s brand among search results, more organic reach, higher visibility and better business.

Creative agency manager signature with advertising banner created in AdSigner. Photo: AdSigner

2. CROSS SELL: A communication strategy in addition to the prepared corporate identity

During the creation of a new company image, a creative agency’s graphic designer communicates with the client. They coordinate design modifications with the client. The sale is completely unknown to the graphic designer, but is successfully supported by advertising banners displayed to the client in the designer’s e-mail signature with each message sent. When the client opens the attachments with new graphic designs, they notice a different banner each time. That catches their attention. As the brand is only gaining ground in the market, the client will soon need carefully thought-out communication besides the new corporate identity. When the client is very satisfied with the agency’s banner during the creation of corporate identity, it also reminds them about planning digital and classic communication, and they decide to do that. Thanks to the banner in the designer’s e-mail signature, the business cooperation has been upgraded with the creation of a communication plan and the management of the client’s social networks.

3. NEW PARTNERSHIPS: Outsourced today, a long-term partner tomorrow

The creative agency often cooperates with external contractors, such as printers, cameramen, photographers, and media agencies. During the final production of the promotional video for the third company, the video producer noticed several interesting services in the advertising agency’s ad banners, offering them in addition to creative designs of video scenarios. As an independent entrepreneur, they often need the help of a copywriter, creative strategist and graphic designer in their work. Since the creative agency has invited them to participate successfully several times so far, they will turn to them in the future when their services are needed. Now that they know about them. Thus, the weekly advertising campaign in the agency’s e-mail signatures persuaded the video producer embark on a long-term B2B partnership. The production of video projects from the first idea material to the final product was thus faster and the clients more satisfied. Thanks to advertising banners set up via AdSigner, the agency has become even more recognizable and all the richer for a number of new projects, experiences and, last but not least, an important source of revenue.

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