Airline use case: Turn recipients into frequent flyers

The operation of airlines is one of the more affected sectors due to the consequences of Covid-19. The main reason is closed state borders, decline in tourist services, the flow of goods and general precautionary measures for passengers. In June 2020, the number of flights declined by 65.1% compared to a year earlier. In some cases even by over 90%, like in Italy where the number of flights declined by as much as 98%. The annual financial loss of airlines was estimated at 314 billion US dollars in June 2020.

With the containment of the pandemic, many measures, state borders, logistical and tourist routes have been relaxed. The flow increased, and consequently new or re-concluded business cooperations and demand also expanded. The customer support services of airlines have never had such a heavy workload. Particularly via e-mail. On the one hand due to the canceled flights in times of strict measures, and on the other hand new business opportunities are emerging.

At this point, AdSigner, as an effective e-mail marketing tool of the new age, can greatly contribute to faster airline regeneration and better business results. Namely, every e-mail sent can advertise what could increase customer loyalty and speed up their return through an advertising banner added to the e-mail signature with AdSigner. For example:

- Current favorable flight connections
- Loyalty programs (frequent-flyer program)
- Special offers of hotel chains and rental companies
- Measures of the airline to ensure the safety and well-being of passenger
- Safe, fast and affordable transport of mail, cargo, animals
- Special bonuses, recognitions, certificates received by the airline
- Welcome services for businessmen, families, and elderly or disabled people
- Information most frequently searched by passengers such as size and weight of hand baggage

Let’s look at some actual cases.

1. LESS COMPLICATIONS in implementing regulations

The airline recently amended the regulation regarding taking hand luggage on the aircraft. It turned out that passengers do not spot the notice on the website, so (too) often when checking in at the airport, extremely unpleasant situations happened for both passengers and staff. Luggage had to be repackaged, fully handed over at check-in, sometimes it was confiscated at check-out, and — in rare cases — boarding was even refused.

An important measure to reduce such situations was the setting of a banner with a notification of changed regulations in the signature of each e-mail that the passenger receives at the confirmation of the flight. Awareness was clearly better and there were significantly fewer embarrassing situations before boarding the plane.

2. Efficient CROSS-SELL and lasting LOYALTY

The family is planning a longer trip. When they book a flight, they notice a banner at the foot of the confirmation e-mail inviting them to join the Frequent Flyer loyalty program. Through a thoughtfully designed banner, they learn instantly that as members, they will save on accommodation and vehicle rental as well as food and travel insurance. Enrolling turns out to be a great decision, as they actually saved a lot on vacation. And as their benefits increase with collecting miles, they first check the offer of flights, hotels and car rental with the airline in question before each subsequent holiday.

Such a thoughtfully planned banner in an e-mail signature brings long-term loyalty and satisfaction to passengers and the airline.

3. Simplification of conclusion of long-term business cooperation

The company negotiates a long-term cooperation agreement with various airfreight providers via e-mail. During the exchange of e-mails, the CEO notices banners in the signature of one of the airlines, which are aimed exclusively at B2B recipients. Banners alternately report on state-of-the-art security systems, video surveillance, careful manipulation, the possibility of cooling shipments during transport and the reliability of services. Each time a message was opened in the company, a different banner appeared. Thus, in a few exchanged e-mails, besides information provided by the airline staff, they got a great impression of the benefits that the company would gain by choosing the airline in question. The transport provider has thus been successfully selected, thanks to an advertising campaign in the airline’s e-mail signature.

AdSigner is available to you with a monthly subscription from EUR 0.82 per signature.

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