7 Ways To Utilize Email Signatures In Your Marketing Campaign For Better Results

4 min readJun 8, 2023


Email signatures in email marketing Photo: Pexels

Billions of emails get sent out every single day, making it one of the main ways that people communicate especially for official purposes. As a rule of thumb for any marketer, this kind of exposure provides a great deal of opportunity for exposure to help build awareness about a brand, product, service, or any other offering.

We’ve all heard about email marketing, but that’s already an opportunity that many businesses take advantage of. One small yet underutilized tool for marketing, however, is using email signatures. The digital signature market is set to grow to $14.1 billion by 2026, proving that it’s a significant part of the email experience.

Hence, marketers should start looking into email signature marketing as another channel to build a brand and market it.

What is Email Signature Marketing?

Let’s first answer the most obvious question — what is email signature marketing or what is signature in advertising, and how can people do it? In the simplest definition, email signature marketing is using an email signature for a marketing objective. Digital signatures serve as a small banner that can go on hundreds of emails that people send out all the time.

There’s a great deal of opportunity in applying global marketing through email signatures. Moreover, it can also be extremely cost-effective as companies don’t have to pay to put banners on their email signatures. There’s also zero printing costs, making it an extremely low cost solution that could provide significant results if used right.

So how does one market using email signatures? Here are some strategies for utilizing email signatures for marketing campaigns.

Add your social media channel links

The first marketing opportunity present with email signatures is to promote your social media links. 82% of email marketers use an email signature to boost brand awareness, including directing people to their social media channels. Social media platforms remain to be one of the primary ways to build awareness and gain more brand retention, so growing your social media following could help a lot. Email users could also create nice email signature layouts and use colorful social media icons to catch email recipients’ attention.

Give a freebie

People use an email signature generator to create better looking layouts and add other elements apart from the usual contact information and social media links. Other people opt to put in a banner promoting a freebie, like an e-book, report, cheatsheet, or short course to provide value and put people into an email funnel that will upsell a product or service. When using this strategy, it helps to create a nice graphic that might give a preview. Remember though that email signatures can be quite small so you’ll have to make proper use of the content size area.

Invite people to an upcoming virtual event

One of the other benefits of using an email signature is that you can use it to invite people to a virtual event, like an online conference or webinar that you’re going to hold. If it’s a company event, encourage all your staff to include the event on their email signatures too. By using a bulk email signature generator, you can automate the signature designing process and roll out these announcements better and faster.

Lead people to an explainer video

Using an email signature template to link people to an explainer video that will talk about your company, product, service, or even a personal story could also help improve the marketing experience. Try putting a catchy headline and a button to the video link instead of adding the whole video to lessen the size of the email signature.

Put a link to an online shop

There are many other signature advertising examples that might lead people to an online shop if they have one. E-commerce continues to grow with time, but getting people to visit a shop remains the bottleneck for generating online revenue. Telling people about your online store via a link with a nice banner is a cost-effective and potentially high-traffic way to get more sales online.

Direct people to a blog

Another way to provide value to your email recipients is by setting up a blog and putting a promotional email banner that will lead people to it. Ensure that if you take this route your blog will stay up-to-date while the email ad is on. Don’t direct people to an empty blog or one that’s last entry was a few months ago. Tackle topics people would want to read and learn about in the blog before making a sale so that you can build trust and credibility.

Showcase authority or recognition

Let’s say you just got an award, got featured on an article, or picked up a business administration or communications degree. Adding those to your email signature can help build your authority and communicate your trustworthiness in a certain field or subject matter.

Email Signatures as Advertising Opportunities

Businesses look for advertising opportunities that cost less. Email signatures cost nothing to get sent out, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put money into it. What money you save from exposure, consider putting into getting a designer to design a beautiful email signature or subscribing to an email signature creator service so that you can get better conversions and click throughs on your email signature banners.




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